Month: May 2019

Keto for Life

Almost two months ago I started the keto diet. When I first thought about going “keto” I thought it would be very restrictive. That is actually not the case though. Instead, several of the foods that I was unable to eat due to a perceived dairy intolerance or the food being high in fat I can now eat.

I have to admit, though, the first two weeks were awful. I literally felt horrible. It turned out that that I had what they call keto flu. Keto flu comes from starting a diet that consists of very few carbohydrates. I also had a feeling of missing out on desserts and other foods that my family was eating.

Once I got the hang of the keto diet, I started slimming down. I am still not friends with the scale as it does not always show weight loss even when I feel lighter/trimmer. I do have to say, though, that I feel healthier, don’t feel bloated and most days have more energy.

Sometimes my challenge is finding a variety of foods to eat or not being able to eat all of what I cook for my family, e.g., not eating rice. I have learned to like pork rinds and, of course, bacon cheesy eggs. Most days I don’t miss eating loads of carbs. I just have to remember how I feel when I eat them to keep me from sabotaging myself.

The best part of keto is heavy whipping cream in my coffee. Yum!!! Adding fat into my diet is pretty easy to do, though I don’t go as extreme as I could because I simply will not eat fatty meats.

For me, the key to the keto diet is to listen to what your body needs when it comes to protein and fat and stay hydrated.


Springtime in the South

It is springtime in south Texas and plants have been blooming for a couple of months now. I have had the gardening bug since January and was excited when I could finally start tending to my plants and working to get them to grow better.

I recently wanted to find a way to recycle my coffee grounds instead of throwing them away so I read up on what to do with them. I found that many acid-loving plants grow well with coffee grounds sprinkled on their soil. I started with my azalea bush. It loved the acid infusion. I then added a little coffee grounds to my roses and they began to perk up (no pun intended). The most miraculous change was when I put coffee grounds on my poinsettia plants. They went from looking puny to looking very healthy. I decided to sprinkle a little coffee grounds on all of my plants. They seem to truly enjoy it.

We have done a lot of cleaning up in our yard with picking up branches, cutting back bushes, raking leaves, etc. To some, it sounds like a lot of work, but yard work is one of my favorite types of exercise. There is a lot of satisfaction to be had from planting and tending to a well-kept yard.

I recently discovered that we have two jasmine plants growing on trellises on the side of our house. The smell is heavenly and I truly love training the vines to grow through the trellis. I did have to clear out some poison oak but managed not to get any on me thanks to using gloves and being very careful.

The funniest experience this spring was when I was pulling on a vine attached to this tree trying to get it to come down. I pulled and pulled and pulled and it wouldn’t let go. I did this several times. The last time I pulled, though, the vine released and I fell flat on my butt. I popped up quickly and started dancing so no one would notice what happened. Unfortunately, the vine I was pulling on was poison oak. Even though I had gloves on, I got the dust and oils from the poison oak on my skin. I ended up having to get a steroid shot to relieve the itch.

The moral of the story is that yard work can be fun, but you have to be careful with what you handle. You also have to be careful how hard you pull on a vine and make sure you don’t lose your balance.