Month: February 2019

Walking on Sunshine

My oldest daughter and I were taking a walk through our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago on the first sunny day after a long bout of gray and rainy days. We started off to take our normal route, but like my youngest daughter, I was attracted by a dog and decided to change our direction. That change in direction, I believe, changed our entire walk.

What started with one person walking their dog, turned into two people walking their dogs. Then we met a couple of friendly loose dogs that followed us a couple of houses down. Next, we saw a family outside enjoying the sunshine and their three dogs, plus a stray came to greet us.

Our walk became more interesting when the stray dog decided to join us in our walk. As we wound through our neighborhood, my daughter started adding up the dogs we were seeing. It became a game to listen for and look for more dogs as we walked. In a few cases, dogs would escape their yards to come to check out the stray dog that was with us. Just when we thought the dog had decided to stop off somewhere, she would come running back to us determined to follow us on our journey.

During our journey, we discovered our neighborhood has lots of chickens, has some goats, donkeys, ducks and LOTS of dogs. At the end of an hour walk, and we didn’t even cover the entire neighborhood, we counted 45 dogs. Of course, we could only count those dogs that were outside. We had no idea how many more dogs in the neighborhood that lived inside.