Month: December 2019

Here’s to 2020 and a Fresh Start

My word for 2019 was intentional. I began the year with good intentions wanting to write more, lose weight, spend time with family, etc. Somewhere along the line, my good intentions fell by the wayside. I lost my way because I think I had too many goals/ideas to focus on and not enough direction.

I have chosen my word for 2020 and it is focused. I plan to spend 2020 being more focused. I am going to plan my life more instead of letting it just happen. While there is nothing wrong with letting life just happen, doing so does not get specific things done. For instance, if I want to lose weight, I have to plan what I’m going to eat and plan to exercise regularly. I have to work on why I am eating and what I am eating.

Also in 2020, I plan to focus on asking for God’s guidance in everything I do. So much of the time I do what I think is right or what I want to do without asking for His guidance first. It’s time that I began to follow God more closely.