Living in the In-Between

For the past month (or so) we had packed (and packed and packed and packed) until the time finally came for us to move out of our home into our 35 foot travel trailer. Yep! We living large in our RV. Again.  This time it is temporary though. We know the end date for getting out of tight quarters so it makes each day less stressful. That’s not to say the first few days were crazy stressful. We had meltdowns of epic proportions (I’m not proud to say I was included as a participant.) We had drama over what was where. We had lots of frustrations over too much stuff in too little space.

Yet, here we are, three days after closing on the sale of our home, and we are settling into more of a routine and it’s just been a week in the RV. We’ve been living in it for one week and have cleared a lot of the excess stuff into the hidden storage in the RV. We’ve also fallen back into the routine that living eight months in the RV will give you. The only difference this time is that we have added a cat, Buddy, to the mix this time. I have to say though, as crazy as it can be trying to keep him out of the dinner area while we are eating, he is very entertaining otherwise and very loving when needed. Buddy has become our therapy cat and he does an excellent job of destressing us as needed.

We have two more weeks in the RV and then we move into our next house, just in time for Christmas. I had to prayers surrounding this move – one was that we would not have to live in the RV and one was that we would be in the house for Christmas. God has his reasons for having us in the RV again. I’m just glad that we will be in our house for Christmas.

For I know that plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Finding the Perfect Home

It was a Saturday afternoon and we had decided to go to an open house to check out this house that we wanted to see in a preferred neighborhood. Once we got there though, we found that the open house was for Sunday so we decided to drive around other neighborhoods looking for houses for sale.

We ended up in Leedy Estates, a neighborhood not far from ours, to look at a house that we had seen listed for sale. While trying to find that house, we passed a house that showed it was “Coming Soon” onto the market.

Not being ones to want to wait, we contacted our realtor to see what he knew about the property and to see if we could view the property before it was listed. Well, God provided for us and we were able to see the house the day before it was listed. Needless to say, it is gorgeous! The curb appeal alone is fabulous plus the backyard is dreamy. We love the flow of the home and the openness.

We decided to make an offer.

The seller countered the offer and we were at a stalemate. We did not want to pay the listing price for the house and they did not want to sell the house for the price we were willing to pay. So we waited.

Two weeks went by and there wasn’t any movement on the house, so our realtor asked if they were willing to consider our offer. The seller countered again, but we still did not want to pay what they were asking. So we waited.

Patience is not a virtue that comes naturally to me. God has been working on me in this area and will continue to work on me until He calls me home. I wish I learned faster, but I’m hard-headed and stubborn.

Another week and a half went by and I asked our realtor if he had heard anything from the seller. I was getting a little nervous because it was getting closer to the closing date for our house to sell and that meant we would be moving into our RV soon. I wanted to know that we would at least have a prospect of a house to shorten the time in such close quarters.

Our realtor came back with the news that the seller was willing to reduce the price to within $5,000 of our original asking price. I took that as a sign from God that this house was meant to be ours and we accepted the offer.

It’s been a wild ride, but I have learned one thing over the years … when God has a plan for you, it’s going to be awesome! He delivers like no one else can.

Barring any difficulties between now and closing, we should be in our new home for Christmas … just in time to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!


It’s Showtime!

Once you put your house on the market, you of course have showings. This is not normally an issue if you don’t have pets, but we have two German Shepherds, Dixie and Daisy, outside and one cat, Buddy, inside. This means anytime there is to be a showing it’s a quick scramble to get Dixie and Daisy crated and Buddy put in his carrier to take with us to the rv in our driveway.

Dixie and Daisy don’t mind being crated because they get treats to get crated plus it means good nap time. Buddy has decided he will tolerate his carrier if he gets to go to the rv because then he gets to explore a new place. He even found a great place to nap on our daughter’s bed when we were in the rv for an open house.

We have played lots of Phase 10 (a card game), a Hidden Pictures game, watched football and even a movie to pass the time while waiting for our house to be shown.

It may seem like a lot of work at the time, cleaning the house, crating the pets and waiting, but it’s been worth it because we got an offer and are now under contract to sell our house.

Antiques and Dogs

Our recent trip to the Round Top for the Round Top Antique Fair involved antiques and dogs. You see, while my husband and I were looking at antiques, our five-year-old daughter was busy finding dogs to pet. 

Yes, she has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting a dog, or cat at times, to pet. I lost count, but I think she pet about 25 dogs. She even managed to find one to pet in the bathroom! 

In hindsight, I wish I’d written down the dogs names and taken pictures of her with the dogs. It would have made for great memories. 

The Vacation That Almost Wasn’t

This past weekend our family went to Round Top, Texas for the Round Top Antique Fair. It was going to be just a quick weekend in the rv, our shortest rv trip ever. It almost didn’t happen at all.

As we left that afternoon, we realized that the truck’s a/c was not working … at all. Not only was it not working, but it was blowing out hot air. Now we live in South Texas where it is still hot and humid this time of year so it was a miserable start to our trip. 

We had to decide, do we not go and miss out on a fun weekend away or do we sweat out the drive for a fun weekend? We chose to sweat it out. Fortunately, my husband is mechanically inclined and was able to get it to stop blowing hot air. We even shared stories with our girls about going on vacations driving with the windows down. It was hot when we got stuck in traffic, but when we were driving it wasn’t bad.

We had just passed the Round Top exit when our navigation app said we had another hour to our rv park. My husband pulled the truck over because we had evidently confused Round Rock and Round Top when making rv park reservations. A quick call to the first rv park in Round Top and we had a place for the weekend. Thank You, God! 

The rv park happened to be across the street from the local mercantile and there were several antique booths within walking distance. We were in heaven!

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. “

House Hunters

Since we made the decision to sell our house and move, we have spent the past couple of days looking at homes. The first house we looked at we liked, but we weren’t sure if we were ready to make an offer. Because the housing market is such that it is, in a matter of two days, the house already had an offer on it so on to the next house.

A couple of days later, our realtor sent us a few listings to review, one of which we really liked and wanted to see. However, we found out later that pictures can be deceiving and the house was not what we thought it would be. Oh well, on to future listings.

Driving along some back roads, we found a house that we really wanted to check out so I looked up the listing. Besides being $100K over our budget and being right next to a bayou (major flood issues), we REALLY wanted to see the house. I jokingly told our realtor that we had an impossible task for him … to get the list price lowered by $100K and to get the house moved away from the bayou. He said he prides himself on his negotiation skills, but there is no moving the creek.

So, we wait to see what God has planned for us. I know this much … it will be awesome and it will be just want we need.

Adventure Time

Ever wake up and decide it was time to shake up your life? Well, I am in that season right now. It’s scary and exciting both.

This past Friday I decided to check out a real estate website to see what was available in our area and I happened upon a gorgeous home on acreage in the country not too far from where we live. So, what did I do next? I texted the listing to my husband. That night, we showed the house to our girls and decided we wanted to see the house the next day.

So, I texted our realtor the next day asking if she could arrange for us to see the home. Needless to say, she was shocked because she didn’t even know we were looking. However, being the awesome realtor she is, she was able to get her associate to line up a showing for us that same day.

Of course, we liked the house and after further discussion have decided to put our house on the market and then make an offer on their house. Now comes the fun, and stressful, part … selling the house and moving.

By nature I am a worrier. It has taken many years for me to break this bad habit. I have since learned to turn to God in prayer when things become too much for me to bear. Now is one of those times. Will they accept our offer? Will our house sell quickly? Will we get what we need/want from the sale of our house? Will we have enough time to pack?

Then I stop and think, God presented the house to us when I was just casually looking. He enabled us to see it immediately. His hands are all over this transaction. If it’s His will, all will go through smoothly and as it needs to be.

When I trust in God, I am able to remain calm in the crazy. It’s when I forget to include God in the mix that the crazy becomes overwhelming.

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