It’s Showtime!

Once you put your house on the market, you of course have showings. This is not normally an issue if you don’t have pets, but we have two German Shepherds, Dixie and Daisy, outside and one cat, Buddy, inside. This means anytime there is to be a showing it’s a quick scramble to get Dixie and Daisy crated and Buddy put in his carrier to take with us to the rv in our driveway.

Dixie and Daisy don’t mind being crated because they get treats to get crated plus it means good nap time. Buddy has decided he will tolerate his carrier if he gets to go to the rv because then he gets to explore a new place. He even found a great place to nap on our daughter’s bed when we were in the rv for an open house.

We have played lots of Phase 10 (a card game), a Hidden Pictures game, watched football and even a movie to pass the time while waiting for our house to be shown.

It may seem like a lot of work at the time, cleaning the house, crating the pets and waiting, but it’s been worth it because we got an offer and are now under contract to sell our house.

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