Family Fitness

Recently I joined the fitness revolution and started with Camp Gladiator for their 4-week Total Transformation. After the first class, it took two days of constant stretching to get my legs to stop hurting as they had been pushed in ways they were not accustomed and for longer periods than ever (each workout session is one hour).

When I went to my next workout session, my husband decided to join me as he wanted to see what all the excitement was about, plus he had been wanting to get more physically fit himself. This meant the kids got to come with us as we couldn’t very well leave them at home. Our oldest, who is 11 years old, wanted to join in the exercises and was very jealous that she couldn’t because she was too young.

After each workout session, my husband and I would leave completely wiped out and drenched in sweat. However, we know that we gave the workout our all. We did everything would could to the best of our ability. For myself, I prayed my way through many of the exercises that I didn’t think I could do because I knew it was going to take God’s strength to get me through the exercises.

Once the 4-week Total Transformation course was over, we had a decision to make. Did we want to become members of Camp Gladiator or not? We loved our trainer and the community we workout with 2-3 times a week. However, we were trying to decide if it made financial sense to join something from which only my husband and I could benefit.

After much research, we have decided to join the local YMCA so that the whole family can participate in family fitness. We are grateful for the Total Transformation exercise has made on our family and pray that it continues to have a positive effect on our family.

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