The Vacation That Almost Wasn’t

This past weekend our family went to Round Top, Texas for the Round Top Antique Fair. It was going to be just a quick weekend in the rv, our shortest rv trip ever. It almost didn’t happen at all.

As we left that afternoon, we realized that the truck’s a/c was not working … at all. Not only was it not working, but it was blowing out hot air. Now we live in South Texas where it is still hot and humid this time of year so it was a miserable start to our trip. 

We had to decide, do we not go and miss out on a fun weekend away or do we sweat out the drive for a fun weekend? We chose to sweat it out. Fortunately, my husband is mechanically inclined and was able to get it to stop blowing hot air. We even shared stories with our girls about going on vacations driving with the windows down. It was hot when we got stuck in traffic, but when we were driving it wasn’t bad.

We had just passed the Round Top exit when our navigation app said we had another hour to our rv park. My husband pulled the truck over because we had evidently confused Round Rock and Round Top when making rv park reservations. A quick call to the first rv park in Round Top and we had a place for the weekend. Thank You, God! 

The rv park happened to be across the street from the local mercantile and there were several antique booths within walking distance. We were in heaven!

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. “

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