House Hunters

Since we made the decision to sell our house and move, we have spent the past couple of days looking at homes. The first house we looked at we liked, but we weren’t sure if we were ready to make an offer. Because the housing market is such that it is, in a matter of two days, the house already had an offer on it so on to the next house.

A couple of days later, our realtor sent us a few listings to review, one of which we really liked and wanted to see. However, we found out later that pictures can be deceiving and the house was not what we thought it would be. Oh well, on to future listings.

Driving along some back roads, we found a house that we really wanted to check out so I looked up the listing. Besides being $100K over our budget and being right next to a bayou (major flood issues), we REALLY wanted to see the house. I jokingly told our realtor that we had an impossible task for him … to get the list price lowered by $100K and to get the house moved away from the bayou. He said he prides himself on his negotiation skills, but there is no moving the creek.

So, we wait to see what God has planned for us. I know this much … it will be awesome and it will be just want we need.

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