Adventure Time

Ever wake up and decide it was time to shake up your life? Well, I am in that season right now. It’s scary and exciting both.

This past Friday I decided to check out a real estate website to see what was available in our area and I happened upon a gorgeous home on acreage in the country not too far from where we live. So, what did I do next? I texted the listing to my husband. That night, we showed the house to our girls and decided we wanted to see the house the next day.

So, I texted our realtor the next day asking if she could arrange for us to see the home. Needless to say, she was shocked because she didn’t even know we were looking. However, being the awesome realtor she is, she was able to get her associate to line up a showing for us that same day.

Of course, we liked the house and after further discussion have decided to put our house on the market and then make an offer on their house. Now comes the fun, and stressful, part … selling the house and moving.

By nature I am a worrier. It has taken many years for me to break this bad habit. I have since learned to turn to God in prayer when things become too much for me to bear. Now is one of those times. Will they accept our offer? Will our house sell quickly? Will we get what we need/want from the sale of our house? Will we have enough time to pack?

Then I stop and think, God presented the house to us when I was just casually looking. He enabled us to see it immediately. His hands are all over this transaction. If it’s His will, all will go through smoothly and as it needs to be.

When I trust in God, I am able to remain calm in the crazy. It’s when I forget to include God in the mix that the crazy becomes overwhelming.

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