Motherhood Is Hard

Any mom who has tried to attend church only to be thwarted by her cranky five-year-old would understand that motherhood is hard. Let me walk you through my past Sunday.

Getting our pretty princess dressed was easy enough as she had decided she was going to be sparkly from head to toe … and she was. Getting a snack together for church and getting breakfast … well, that was another story. One with LOTS of drama and whining. Our little girl was tired and that did not bode well for our day at church. Once we managed to get everyone fed, out the door and loaded into the truck, we were off to church.

Once church started, we didn’t make it through the opening hymn before we had to leave the sanctuary because she was crying. After calming her down, we tried to return to the service about 10 minutes later, per her request, only to get to our seats and have her say she wants to go back out. So, we go back out. We manage to go back into the service for part of the sermon before she starts throwing another fit and I have to take her out. I pick her up and take her to the back of the sanctuary where she is quiet so I think it’s safe. Nope. She then yells, “I want to go out!” She is loud enough that every person in the sanctuary heard. Just in time for the end of the service, I take her back in because I have to drop her off with her older sister so I can go on to the New Member Class that I hostess.

Later that day, after our dear princess has had lunch and a nice long nap, we our off to Parent Orientation at Confirmation for our oldest daughter. There were a lot of people around which equated to lots of stimuli, plus our dear princess saw one of her older friends that she likes to hang out with. The night mostly went fine except when, due to either being over-stimulated or over-tired, she decided it would be much more fun not to listen to mommy. This led to a much more stressful night for me than I had hoped for or wanted.

Once we got home and got the dear princess into bed, we thought we were in the clear. Nope! That was wishful thinking. She called me back into her room because she noticed there were pajamas hanging in the top of her closet that should be in her pajama drawer. Oh my goodness! You see, we use her closet light as an additional nightlight because her nightlight was not bright enough. So, I told her that I was going to turn off the closet light and close the closet because she is having a hard time falling asleep.

She now happily sleeps with just a dim nightlight and she burrows under the covers. Maybe once she catches up on her missed sleep all will be well in the kingdom. Until that time, this mommy will collapse each night on the couch exhausted at the end of each day.

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